A simplified programming language and browser-based development environment.

A language that doesn’t have everything is actually easier to program in than some that do. -- Dennis M. Ritchie


The IDE is designed as a progressive web app so you can use it offline. It contains various programming tutorials, including one for absolute beginners.

Embedding in a web page

When copying the files easyw.wasm, easyw.js and easy.js to your web directory, you can embed an easylang script in a web page.




Jumping ball



More examples

Easy Games - Kids games designed as PWA

Starry sky - An interactive star map

More small web applications and demos

Open easylang.online running your program

easylang.online can be opened from other locations passing a programm as an URL parameter

https://easylang.online/ide/?code=print 4 * 5

https://easylang.online/apps/run.html?code=color ...

Interactive Tutorials

A programming tutorial with a focus on graphics

Monte Carlo methods or why it is a bad idea to go to the casino

Sorting algorithms


easylang.online on Rosetta Code

Advent Of Code with easylang.online


easylang.online is free of charge: free to use, free to copy and requires no registration or login

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