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This simple programming language with built-in graphical functions and an easy to use and offline usable browser IDE is well suited as a teaching and learning language. You can also use it to write graphical applications that you can embed in a web page. More ...

A language that doesn’t have everything is actually easier to program in than some that do. -- Dennis M. Ritchie


AoC 2019

AoC 2020

A year on one big web page

All tasks of one year on one big page. The programs are editable and runnable.

AoC 2018 - Big page

AoC 2019 - Big page

AoC 2020 - Big page

Visualizations 2018

Day 6: Chronal Coordinates

Day 10: The Stars Align

Day 13: Mine Cart Madness

Day 15: Beverage Bandits

Day 17: Reservoir Research

Day 18: Settlers of The North Pole

Day 20: A Regular Map

Visualizations 2019

Day 3: Crossed Wires

Day 8: Space Image Format

Day 10: Monitoring Station

Day 11: Space Police

Day 13: Care Package

Day 15: Oxygen System

Day 18: Many-Worlds Interpretation

Day 19: Tractor Beam

Day 20: Donut Maze

Day 24: Planet of Discord

Visualizations 2020

Day 20: Jurassic Jigsaw

Day 24: Lobby Layout